Welcome to INVESTIT

Investit was founded in 2019 by the partnership of two Italian real estate investors. 

Mirco and Davide have been investing in real estate in Florida since 2015. 

INVESTIT is based on trust and reliability. Investit’s mission is to provide investors a safe and trustworthy way to invest in the United States. We create passive income for our investors. 

How It Works

We buy.
You invest.
We manage the investment.
You get paid.

Benefits to You

  1. Cash Flow
  2. Amortization
  3. Tax Benefits
  4. Leverage
  5. Appreciation

Benefits to You

Cash Flow

Every month you will receive the profit from your rental properties.


Reduction of the investment amount thanks to the monthly cash flow


You will be able to take advantage of the US tax laws regarding short and long term profit.


Using the capital coming from financial institutions to increase the profit on an investment.


increase of value of the property with time. When it is time to sell, it will transform into profit.

Our Process Step-by-Step

Open your own company (LLC) in the USA.
Open a business bank account in the USA.
Transfer your capital into your new USA bank account.
Invest your capital in the project of your choice.
Receive regular timely updates and reports regarding your investment.
Your original capital plus profit are deposited directly into your bank account.


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Need more information?

Leave us a message and we'll get back to you soon!

Need more information?

Leave us a message and we'll get back to you soon!