INVESTIT follows every step of the investment, from the research of the asset that best fits the client to the managing of the profits.

Studying St. Petersburg closely, Mirco and Davide saw the increasing need for affordable housing. They started buying run-down properties, renovating them and renting them in collaboration with the St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Pinellas Housing Authority, and the Veterans Associations. INVESTIT supports our community and veterans.

INVESTIT is focused on Real Estate Investments such as:

  • Fix-and-Flips and Rentals for cash-flow
  • Property Management, which includes tenant search, maintenance, and accounting
  • New Construction

INVESTIT’s portfolio grew quickly. INVESTIT has completed more than 220 transactions and currently has close to 100 units for rent.

INVESTIT’s goal within the next year is to provide the community 100 new affordable and upscaled rental units, and new construction builds for first-time buyers.

INVESTIT works side by side with licensed and expert professionals in every field. INVESTIT’s Real Estate Agent, Broker, architect, general contractor, handyman and construction crew all follow the property management and construction branch; the administrative side is managed by INVESTIT trusted lawyer and accountant.

Real estate investment is challenging, but INVESTIT wants to make it easier for anyone who wants to start investing, as well as for those who have been doing it for years. INVESTIT strives to become the best Real Estate Investment firm in Tampa Bay.

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Why invest in St. Petersburg?

St. Petersburg is a great area to invest in and it offers many advantages compared to other cities. St. Petersburg is located in Pinellas County which is the most densely populated county in Florida. As a result of the real estate boom in the 1950s, all the land has been built out. With Tampa Bay on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other, there is simply no more room to develop, but new apartment buildings continue to be built.

However, if you decide to buy a property in St. Petersburg, you would not have to worry about your value going down if new development rises right next to it. There is not an exponential growth of units, so your property would hold and increase its value over time. This is why St. Petersburg is such a good location to invest in!

Florida is also an extremely developed area, even if it is well known for its paradise of beaches and vacation spots. In addition to the tourist industry, St. Petersburg also has the MacDill Air Force Base and four colleges. These institutions fill up most of the rental properties in the area. In fact, during the economic crisis of 2008, St. Petersburg rental had no vacancies. However, that was not always the case for the rest of Pinellas County.

If you would like to start investing in St. Petersburg, Florida, please contact us!

Our Team

Mirco Tibaldo

Mirco Tibaldo

Co-founder & General Manager

Mirco counts on an amazing and reliable team of expert architects and workers that helps him get the projects done in record time. He makes sure each project goes as smoothly as possible by being present on the worksite.

Davide Timori

Davide Timori

Co-founder & Real-Estate Consultant

Davide looks for the best deals in St. Petersburg by actively and constantly researching the area. He manages the investments, acquisitions and sales. Davide also networks with potential local and international investors and potential clients.

Valentina Leone

Valentina Leone

Office Manager & Bookkeeper

Valentina’s experience in administration is a fundamental pillar in the INVESTIT office. She keeps track of the monthly expenses, profits, and rental costs with precision, as well as invoicing our customers.

Margherita Tibaldo Garcia

Margherita Tibaldo Garcia

Property Manager & Marketing Manager

Margherita is INVESTIT’s property manager. Her tasks involve communication with tenants, creation of lease agreements and preparations of notices and evictions. Margherita is also involved in marketing, with a focus on INVESTIT’s social media and promotional material.

Top Agent Magazine

Davide Timori & Mirco Tibaldo

“An entrepreneurial spirit and a love for business inspired Davide Timori to move to Florida in 2018. Originally from Italy, he started his journey in real estate investing in his early 20s. Wanting to take his business to new heights, he decided to enter the St. Petersburg market. “I realized that in order to reach my financial and professional goals, I had to relocate to an area where I could have higher yields, solid policies and stronger laws to protect my assets,” he explains. After a few negative experiences with investment companies, he met Mirco Tibaldo. “We decided to start our own investment company, INVESTIT, based on trust and reliability,” Davide explains. INVESTIT has three verticals: real estate investments, property management, and new construction.”

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